Things you can do

Tranquilla holiday bungalow offers a unique combination of activities that contribute to a truly memorable holiday.
Kayaking on the river Mawakoya – a branch of Kalu Ganga

Explore the river by kayaking on Mavakoya with the bungalow’s kayaking fiber boats.
Nature walks and bird watching

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The surrounded area is a haven for birds. Study the flourishing riverside birdlife with a walk at your own pace along the river’s edge.
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A  garden BBQ at night is a speciality with friends & family. Witness the incredible night skies, experience relaxing sounds of flowing water and the mysterious calls of nighttime creatures.

Indoor and outdoor games
Relax and enjoy our selection of indoor games, facilities and activities.  

Cycling is one of the best ways to absorb the rich tropical riverside environment which is filled with water streams, rivers, rocks and rain forests. There are several tracks through the rubber plantations, paddy fields and villages to experience the essence of rural life in the area.

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Madakada Aranya Senasanaya – 20 minutes drive
Kukuleganga – 45 minutes drive
Rathnapura – one hour’s drive

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Hora Forest Reservation

 This enchanting forest is situated at the Kirigala area.
Hora Kele02 (1)Directions: When traveling towards Handapangoda from Ingiriya town it’s about 6 miles to reach this reservation. It is a known fact that this Hora reservation owns the largest number of Hora trees in South Asia. Amidst the countless number of Hora trees, this reservation has many beautiful rare plants growing all around the area.


Known to be a very famous area in Ingiriya.Directions: when traveling towards Rathnapura road from Ingiriya town it’s about 1 mile, turn left to Nambapana School Road. Travel another half a mile passing the school and you arrived at the destination.Being part of the Kalu River, also a huge port in the Nambapana stream, this site is full of natural beauty consisting of natural ponds among rock surfaces hidden within the jungle. A touch of beauty is added along with the small ports and waterfalls in the stream situated near Pareithota area. Famous among local and foreign tourists as an area as a popular bathing spot in fresh water and natural ponds.  Identified by the local tourism authorities as an eco-tourism location.

Visit and see rubber tapping
Rubber tapping is a very complex procedure where teams of rubber tappers go to rubber plantations over night to remove a thin layer of bark along a downward half spiral on the tree trunk itself. This must be done skillfully and with great care and if done so, this tapping panel will yield latex for up to 5 years or so. Then the opposite side will be tapped allowing the previous side to heal over. The cut spiral allows latex to run down to a collecting cup usually a king coconut shell tightly held onto the tree trunk. The work is done during the night so the latex will run longer before eventually drying out.

Visit and see Tea plucking
Every morning, teams of ladies arrive to start off their day on tea plucking, carrying large baskets on their shoulders, spacious enough to carry a whole lot of tea leaves. These teams of tea plucker’s start their plantation job by plucking tea leaves one by one by hand and dropping them off to the baskets on their backs.

Madakada Aranya Senasanaya
A famous meditation centre at Madakada which is mostly known as ‘’Nachchimale’’
Directions: You can reach here by travelling about 1 mile towards Padukka from Ingiriya town. Turn left to the Keenagahawila Road from Maha Ingiriya Junction. After travelling about 1 and a half miles towards that road, you will reach the Madakada Aranya.

The new Monastery was built by Rev. Ranwala Saddahtissa thero in 1948. In ancient times this area was a forest area with caves until after the arrival of Saddahtissa thero who arrived to this area to meditate which then onward became a forest monastery. Madakada Aranya is one of the premier Vipassana meditation centers in the country. Also there are branches in the country at places such as Navinna, Salgala and few other places. Presently there are about 16 resident bhanthes and 7 resident laymen practicing meditation at any given time. As it is our Buddhist way of life they have been well looked after by devotees in their day to day needs. There are about 12-15 meditation caves in this area. This area is situated in a natural forest reservation and a stream called Nachchimale which flows through one boundary of the monastery adding an additional  unique scenic beauty to the area. The surrounding environment is very calm and relaxing which include many local inheritable plants, herbal plants, birds, rare butterfly species, wild animals. The visitors who come who bathe at the stream never forget to visit the monastery.

Bodhinagala Aranya Senasanaya and Bird Sanctuary

Directions: can be reached by travelling about 3 miles from Ingiriya town. Turn left from the Bodhinagalaa road. Travel about one and half miles and you will reach the Bodhinagala Aranya.This beautiful place is on a calm and natural environment. In South East of this beautiful forest area, flows the Kalu River and that slope area is rich in herbal plants and southern wet zone plants inheritable to this area. There are about 20-25 monks meditating in the caves situated in this Aranya Senasana. This area is very calm and high in security. Many foreigners and local visitors come to visit this Aranya Senasana.Bodhinagala Bird Sanctuary is a secondary lowland rain forest patch in the area of Ingiriya.Directions:

The entrance to this precious place can be reached by traveling about 3 miles from Ingiriya town. Turn left to Bodhinagala road from Bodhinagala Junction. After traveling couple of miles , turn left and you will reach this forest reservation after traveling towards that road. One of the famous Aranya Senasanaya in the area is here. To find this place is not a difficult task as direction sign boards have been established along the road. The forest reserve consists of two mountains which are surrounded by the villages. Inside the forest there are concreted routes created in favor of the Buddhists monks who live here for the meditations.  


Direction: To reach this historic site one has to travel up to Horana and from there to Bulathsinhala and then turn off to a small village named Yatagampitiya.
Pahiyangala Cave takes us back almost 30000 years when Sri Lanka was already a flourishing civilization. Up until the late 1890's this episode of our history lay buried in the sands of time. Prehistoric human remains were unearthed here which opened a window to a past era. The cave is of enormous proportions. The entrance is 160ft high and the cave is 150ft wide. The depth of it is 175ft. The important finds at this cave are a collection of human skulls, sections of vertebrae of humans and bits and pieces of hunting tools turned out of stone and bone. The study of the artifacts by U.S. experts showed that they were almost 37000 years old. The massive cave could accommodate up to 3000 inhabitants.

In the fifth century A.D. a Chinese Buddhist monk named Fa Hsien is said to have dwelt here on his travels across Asia in search of Buddhism and Buddhist literature. Thus the cave earned the name Fa-Hsien Lena and the present title Pahiyangala. The Buddhist shrine constructed with beautiful statues of Buddha, other deities and kings, painted with natural paints obtained from vegetables and plants, is of recent origin of not more than 450years. The Buddhist monk who lives at the monastery there today, just below the cave, has a museum that houses some of the ancient artifacts. Visit Fa Hsien Gala and take a walk down a time channel meeting those ancestors of the present humans from the new stone age past the Neolithic and then over to the Paleolithic ages.


Kukuleganga- Hydro power project 

Kukule Ganga is an exciting area for an adventurer. There are many different places to see along the river and its close proximity. There are waterfalls like Makeliya Ella, Caves like Pahiyan Lena (Fa Hien) in addition to the picturesque river itself. 

Directions from Bungalow: Head toward Poruwadanda-Handapangoda Road, Pass by Mawak Oya (on the left-850m) Slight right onto Poruwadanda-Handapangoda Road (1.4 km) Turn left onto Panadura-Horana-Ratnapura Highway. Pass by Ingiriya Fuel Station (on the left in 6.5 km) (7.5 km) Turn right onto B68.Pass by Egaloya Sunandaramaya (on the left in 8.6 km) (9.1 km) Turn left onto Nagoda - Kalawellawa - Bellapitiya Road. Pass by Bank of Ceylon (on the right in 3.9 km) Turn left at Athura Junction (9.5 km) Turn right toward Lathpandura - Molkawa Rd/B584 (1.0 km) Continue straight onto Lathpandura - Molkawa Rd/B584Pass by Nisala Arana Monastry and International Meditation centre (on the left in 1.8 km) (2.1 km) Drive till you get to the power station.
A traveler could reach Kukule Ganga via many attractive routes. Kalutara - Mathugama Road, Horana - Bulathsinghala Road and Ratnapuara - Kalawana Road are some of them.
You may drive along a superbly constructed tarried Road. This giant project has proved to be the latest Hydro Power generating project in Sri Lanka with advanced technology introduced by world renounced engineering experts like Skanska. The two turbines generate 85 mg watts a day with a targeted capacity of 317 gg hours to the national strength which is 5% of the countries' consumption. The constructions and installations have been completed in three and half years. The water runs through a massive rock tunnel for 8 k.m. from the reservoir before it mingles with the turbines of which the installations have been executed within the great rock itself. Hence it has achieved the title of second underground Hydro - Power Project in Sri Lanka.
The dam of the reservoir is constructed adhering to "Run of River" system where the water level is raised up to a height of two meters and maintain it static at the start of the great tunnel. The water level is scientifically speculated at the required level as the annual rainfall in the area is stagnant at about 37.5 cm
The power, thus generated is transmitted to the national output at Mathugama Sub Station which is located about 21 k.m away from the Holiday Resort. Fifteen billion Sri Lankan Rupees is said to have been injected in to this mammoth asset.